Hello All! Hope everyone is keeping well. Here is a list of dates for you and a couple of other points.

Zoom Meetings:
Thursday 23rd July at 7.00pm

Thursday 13th August at 7.00pm

Thursday 10th September at 7.00pm

We are also hoping to meet near the bandstand in Alexandra park on Sunday 2nd of August at 2.00pm. We will need to know how many people are coming to this so we can see whether we are within current guidelines for groups. With a bit of luck we might even try to sing, but again we have to think about the guidelines.

The government guidance on singing is a little confusing (shock!) but seems to suggest that 3m distancing is appropriate. It does however only seem to refer to professional singers rehearsing and giving concerts and doesn’t really cover amateur and community choirs. (No doubt because they are only interested in any art or music so far as it can be monetised.) We are not anticipating that we will be able to rehearse physically in September but I will keep you updated on FB and the website about any changes to guidance that will allow us to get back to normal.

If I don’t see you either in person or on Zoom then I hope you have a good summer and we will be able to get back together soon.